Rich Habits - Game Day Workshop
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Rich Habits - Game Day Workshop

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This is it! 
I’m getting ready to release the game, but before I do, I need to do a final “Playtest.”
— Tony Melvin
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This fun and exciting workshop is broken up into two parts.

Part One: The Rich Habits Seminar

Entry: $20 per person
Time: 10am to 12pm
Seating: Limit of 100 places

If you can relate to any of these below, you will benefit from this event:

  1. You're stressed out about debt.
  2. You feel like you're constantly struggling no matter how much money you are making.
  3. You're worried about money.
  4. No matter how hard you work, you can't seem to get ahead.
  5. You feel guilt or regret about spending money.
  6. You've been ripped off by "friends" or business partners.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The 3 things you must do to be Rich.
  • How to control your money.
  • The two different types of debt.
  • How to get rid off credit cards and personal loans.
  • How to negotiate with banks and lenders to eliminate debt fast.
  • How to communicate with creditors (with example letters).
  • Why your credit score is not important.
  • How to deal with legal firms.
  • How to handle debt collectors.
  • How to avoid going bankrupt.
  • How to organize your life and minimize stress.
  • How to achieve your financial goals.
  • How to develop successful money habits.
  • How to play the game of investing and WIN!

    Seating allows for only 50 spaces, so don't delay, register now.

It was the worst place to be at age 41. I had $175,000 owing in credit card debt (across 8 different credit cards) and $150,000 in tax owed. I had no assets or job.
Within one month of adopting the strategies that Tony and I implemented (Rich Habits), I had saved $5,300 a month in debt repayments. I started to negotiate with my creditors to settle my debt for a fraction of the total owed and start to allocate for the very first time to invest and prepare my solvency fund.
It was the first time in years that I felt the weight of stress lift from my shoulders and I knew that financial security could be achieved in a very short time.
I consider Tony Melvin to be the “Millionaire Whisperer” for the skills he advances.”
— Ben

Part Two: Rich Habits Board Game Playtest

Entry: $20 per person (lunch included)
Time: 12pm to 4pm
Seating: Limit of 50 places

Game 3D Mockup 2.2.png

The problem with learning and applying Rich Habit is that life takes too long! There are lots of barriers to overcome, for example; the time between paychecks, and the constant barrage of Poor Habits from advertising and media, these reasons and more make it difficult to stay focused on Rich Habits; they slow down learning and delay the repetitive action necessary to making them an actual habit!

We need a faster way for a person to practice Rich Habits, to be free to make mistakes without suffering the real pain of financial loss. That is why Tony developed this board game.

During this fun-packed session, Tony will guide you through playing the game and monitor your progress, answering any questions you may have.

At the end he'll gather your vital feedback, so he can complete the design of the game.

Seating allows for only 50 spaces, so don't delay, register now.

All ticket proceeds donated to the
Clearwater Community Learning Centre.



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