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This course will show you how to:
✔︎ Pay only 10% to 50% of your debt*.
✔︎ Maintain your credit score.
✔︎ Create Rich Habits so you can truly prosper.
✔︎ Never fall into the debt trap again.
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Online Course
Eliminate killer debt, get viable & solvent.
 Board Game
Develop Rich Habits in a fun and safe environment. Coming Soon.
Personal Coaching
Eliminate killer debt fast and develop Rich Habits with 1-on-1 coaching.
Business Coaching
Eliminate tax debts and killer debts and create untold wealth with Rich Habits for business.
Become a Coach
Help others truly prosper as a Rich Habits Coach.

This course will show you how to:
✔︎ Pay only 10% to 50% of your debt.*
✔︎ Maintain your credit score.
✔︎ Create Rich Habits so you can truly prosper.
✔︎ Never fall into the debt trap again.
* Including credit cards, tax debt, personal loans and business creditors.
Welcome to Rich Habits
How would you like to be a part of something that could change the financial destiny of millions?

How would you like to flourish and prosper by helping others do the same?

How would you like to rid the world of the unnecessary burden of debt and stress associated with money?

Money causes stress, quarrels, marital problems, fights and even wars. But it doesn’t have to. If people understood and developed rich habits, such things could be avoided.

After more than 20 years of educating thousands on the subject of money and investing through my events and books, I have discovered an underlying problem in society: 

An inability to control money.  

More simply put, we are imbued with poor habits.

Spend now, pay later is the motto many live buy. And by “many” I mean all strata of life: the individual, small businesses, large corporations and governments.

What can turn this tide? How can society change from practising poor habits to developing rich habits? Who is going to do it?

I am.

And I’d like you to join me because I’m going to need a lot of help.

To make such an impact on the world, to reach everyone from the school kids to retirees, requires a movement. Not just another book, and definitely not another gimmick like "The Secrets of the Wealthy." No, this is going to require much more than a superficial, feel-good message. 

It’s going to take rebellion.

I have written books, created a board game and designed apps—all under the Rich Habits banner. I want to unleash it upon the world, change the tide and make a difference.

The first step is to learn and apply the rich habits yourself, to your family, your business. Become a shining example of life without Killer Debt, without financial stress and with total abudance.

You can acheive this by reading the book, doing the course or enrolling in a coaching program.  

And then you can help others by spreading the word, or becoming a coach yourself.

It’s going to be a fun ride.

It will, no doubt, leave a legacy.

I wonder how many people we can reach?

I wonder how fast we can reach them?

I know for certain I’ll do it faster with a bunch of likeminded rebels.

Are you a rebel?

If so, come join me.
Best-selling Author and Creator of Rich Habits books and board game.
He saved $5,300 a month 
in credit card and loan repayments after the first session!
Lesson #1: 
Your Ultimate Financial Goal
An excerpt from the book From Red to Black
I have found that there is quite a bit of confusion about what people should focus on: Some say that cash flow is king and encourage people to earn more income. Others say that building assets is the key because that builds true wealth. And there are some who believe that debt is bad and you should never get into debt. Each of these different beliefs have valid points, but they have failed to clarify the overall financial goal that everybody should be aiming for.

Your ultimate financial goal is to be solvent. The definition of the word solvent is having more assets than debt; it means being able to pay one’s debts and bills in full. It comes from the Latin word solvere which means dissolve. In essence, if you are solvent, your money can dissolve your debt.
Lesson #2: 
Two Types of Debt
The purpose of this online course is to eliminate all of your Killer Debt, get solvent 
and develop Rich Habits.
In the Rich Habits Academy you'll discover everything you need to get out of debt fast and create Rich Habits. You can easily review each lesson as many times as you need. This education will provide the foundation that will make you a true Rebel, well on your way to solvency. 

Here's a glimpse of what we'll cover:
  • The Rich Habits - The foundation of true wealth. We'll cover all of the Rich Habits in detail and how to make them a natural habit, so once you have eliminated all of your Killer Debt, you continue to get richer and become a true Rich Rebel.
  •  Debt Control - Stop the phones calls, put everything on pause and save interest and late fees
  •  Debt Negotiation - Learn the Corporate Finance System works, including the Banks so you can easily tame this overwhelming financial beast and negotiation your debt down. Understanding this puts you in a position of power.
  •  Tax Negotiation - Much like the Corporate Finance System, understanding the Tax System puts you in a position of power to negotiate your debt and eliminate all penalty interest and fees.
  •  Protection - Learn how to protect your money and income so you can negotiate while standing on solid ground.
  • Increase Your Income - Discover the 5 simple and effective ways to immediately increase your income, speeding up your journey to solvency.
My promise to you
What I will NOT do
  • I will never recommend "loan consolidation" which is simply using debt to pay off debt! This is what politicians do. It does not improve your Solvency, it only prolongs your debt and increases the interest you eventually pay. Every action I recommend you take improves Solvency right now, it reduces debt immediately.   
  •  I will not take control of your income. My goal is to help you develop Rich Habits, to put you in control of your own money.
  •  I will not recommend any financial products, investments or loans. I am not a licensed financial advisor, accountant or lawyer. I am sharing the successful methods I used to get out debt fast and I how I control my money and improve my solvency with Rich Habits.  
  •  I will not encourage usual legal solutions such as bankruptcy, debt agreements or voluntary insolvency. These processes often affect your credit score, making difficult to run and own a business and borrow money in the future (for investing purposes). Such methods stay on your record for many years, unless you take certain actions to have them removed. I have discovered that creditors will often want to avoid these legal proceedings too, so in my opinion, they are the last resort when all else has failed. My goal is to empower you, put you in control and help you avoid the legal process. And like all things in life, when you know how, it is much easier to do than you think.
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