An Introduction to the Rich Continuum

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A continuum is a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, but the extremes are quite distinct.

As a simple example, life is a continuum—there is a distinct and obvious difference between a child at the age of 2 and that same child at age 18. But the daily changes are not so easily noticed.

At the top of the Rich Continuum, there is “Rich,” which means plentiful and abundant. It comes from a word that means powerful. Notice there is no mention of money or an amount of money.

At the opposite end with have “Poor” which means lacking sufficient money to live.

Right in the middle of the Rich Continuum is “Broke” which the dictionary defines as having completely run out of money.

You might wonder, is there really a difference between Broke and Poor? Indeed there is.

At Broke, a person may have no assets and no debt. Or perhaps, they have lots of assets, but they also have lots of debt, so the end result is zero. And this is how they live, week to week, month to month. They continually “run out of money” by spending all their income. They might even spend a bit more than they earn. The end result is zero.

At Poor, a person lacks sufficient money to live, so they have to borrow to pay the bills. They are constantly spending more than they make. If they earn $5,000 a week, they spend $6,000. That is worse than being Broke because they are going backward every week.

Understanding the Rich Continuum explains many things, for example: There are a lot of people living in a fancy house, with fancy cars who are in fact Broke, and they sit unknowingly right in the middle of the Rich Continuum, spending everything they make. Or worse, by practicing Poor Habits, they appear “rich” but are sinking lower each day.

Countries, companies, and individuals don’t suddenly go broke, nor do they suddenly become rich. They move on the Rich Continuum every day, up or down. Most do so unknowingly, yet everyone is somewhere on the Rich Continuum. You are sitting somewhere between Rich and Poor, and every day you move either slightly higher or slightly lower.

The whole essence of the Rich Habits movement is to move people up the Rich Continuum, towards Rich and help them stay there—individuals, businesses, and countries. It’s easy to do when you know and follow the Rich Habits.