"In the last year ... I've reduced my [killer] debt by 92%."

An unsolicited email from a Rich Habits Coaching client.

Note: He did NOT declare bankruptcy, but negotiated with is creditors, using the Rich Habits Solvency System as described in my book Rich Habits

Hi Tony

I just received your email to say that you will be going back to the USA soon.

It’s a shame we cannot catch up before you go.

I want to personally thank you for your time and expertise last year. I was in such a dark place and you helped me so much. I remember the feeling after I first met you. I said to myself that “everything is going to be fine”.

From your book and your personal guidance and techniques, in the last 12 months I have negotiated (and settled) $1.571m in debt - on half my income.

I still have about $180K to go but the systems and processes have made it so much easier.

It’s funny that most credit card companies, banks, loan companies, other debtors all operate with very similar systems. I have learnt to negotiate and hold my ground so many times now. As you taught me - no one has a gun to my head; no one can take money from my bank without my permission. My payments to them are on my terms.

More recently my partner [name removed] has had her contract extended at [work]. And just last week, I negotiated my income and negotiated a new quarterly bonus structure. An increase in my salary of over $200K.

In the last year, I have hit so many milestones:

  1. Reduced my debt by 92%.
  2. Reduced my monthly expenses by 48%.
  3. Increased my income by 60%.
  4. Settled all my tax debt.
  5. Settled all my old business related debt (over $800K).

But more importantly, I have reduced my stress; Increased my leisure time with my family and built a future with little debt and an increase in my income. I am now in control of my money rather than it controlling me.

The pain of my failed business is receding. A couple of niggles still to go but it's not overwhelming me.

Thank you so much. Please stay in touch.

Kind regards