"I feel far more effective and finally feel in charge of our finances"

This book helped fill in the missing pieces for me on the subject of money. My husband and I had over the years worked out how to generate a good income but it seemed that the more we earnt the more we spent. It got to the point I thought we would never escape the trap and whilst we might be the”richest” person in the room at some stage we were always truly going to feel poor and broke unless we found out what our problems were in the area and then the solutions for those problems. 

Enter Rich Habits - after reading this book I could see the things we were doing right but more importantly I could see the bits of information I was missing or didn’t completely understand - simply we could earn money but we hadn’t learnt how to control our money. Tony’s book explains simply a system that can help manage your viability and solvency.

We have started immediately applying some of the ideas in the book and already I feel far more effective and finally feel in charge of our finances.

I would highly recommend reading this if you want to take more responsibility for your money.