The Rich Habits Story

At the age of 28, after selling all of his assets, Tony found himself in $300,000 in debt. Although hounded by debt collectors and creditors, he vowed to pay them all back.

He managed to avoid bankruptcy and maintain his credit rating.

Several years later, in 2008, he penned his lessons in the book From Red to Black. That book sparked many enquires for help, but due to other business commitments, Tony was unable to help as much as he would have liked.

In late 2014, Tony was still receiving regular requests for help and decided to revitalise his crusade of helping teach people the vital skill of controlling money.

He began development of the board game and started coaching people how to manage their money. Although it was still a side project at that time, Tony marks it as the real birth of Rich Habits.

I recall having one of those moments when everything clicks and makes sense: There were only 3 basic Rich Habits, and there were also only 3 basic Poor Habits, and by increasing awareness that Rich Habits exists, while also identify Poor Habits, people suddenly started to relax about this subject of money and things instantly improved.
— Tony Melvin
Rich Continuum Image copy.png

During the following two years, Tony started to identify the main Rich Habits as he coached several individuals out of financial despair. Professionals, workers and business owners alike found clarity applying the Rich Habits. A common thread in their feedback was "I feel less stressed," "I have money in the bank for the first time," "I control my money, rather than it controlling me."

Confident he had a clear and easy to understand system, Tony completed the book Rich Habits in December 2017. The board game is due for release early 2018.

With all other business endeavours put to rest, Tony plans to focus his time on teaching Rich Habits and eliminating the Poor Plague.

For Tony, this is more than just another book, it's a crusade, as he passionately states:

"Money causes stress, quarrels, marital problems, fights and even wars. But it doesn’t have to. If people understood and developed Rich Habits, such things could be avoided.
The world today is imbued with Poor Habits. Spend now, pay later is the motto many live buy. And by “many,” I mean all strata of life: the individual, small businesses, large corporations and governments.
What can turn this tide? How can society change from practicing Poor Habits to embracing the Rich Habits? Who is going to do it?
I am.
And I’d like you to join me, because I’m going to need a lot of help.
To make such an impact on the world, to reach everyone from school kids to retirees, requires a movement. Not just another book, and definitely not another gimmick like “The Secrets of the Wealthy.” No, this is going to require much more than a superficial, feel-good message.
It’s going to take rebellion.
This book is the first weapon in the arsenal of tools I intend to create. The Rich Habits board game will provide an instant cure to the Poor Habits Plague. And more books and online courses will come. I want to unleash these upon the world, change the tide and make a difference."
— Tony Melvin (Excerpt from the Chapter, The Rich Rebellion)