"Within one month of adopting the [Rich Habits], I had saved $5,300 a month in debt repayments."

"It was the worst place to be at age 41. I had $175,000 owing in credit card debt (across 8 different credit cards) and $150,000 in tax owed. I had no assets or job.

Within one month of adopting the strategies that Tony and I implemented (Rich Habits Coaching), I had saved $5,300 a month in debt repayments. I started to negotiate with my creditors to settle my debt for a fraction of the total owed and start to allocate for the very first time to invest and prepare my solvency fund.

It was the first time in years that I felt the weight of stress lift from my shoulders and I knew that financial security could be achieved in a very short time.

I consider Tony Melvin to be the “Millionaire Whisperer” for the skills he advances.”