The Rich Rebellion

How would you like to be a part of something that could change the financial destiny of millions?

How would you like to flourish and prosper by helping others do the same?

How would you like to rid the world of the unnecessary burden of killer debt and the stress associated with money?

Money causes stress, quarrels, marital problems, fights and even wars. But it doesn’t have to. If people understood and developed Rich Habits, such things could be avoided.

The world today is imbued with Poor Habits. Spend now, pay later is the motto many live buy. And by “many,” I mean all strata of life: the individual, small businesses, large corporations and governments.

What can turn this tide? How can society change from practicing Poor Habits to embracing the Rich Habits? Who is going to do it?

I am.

And I’d like you to join me, because I’m going to need a lot of help.

To make such an impact on the world, to reach everyone from school kids to retirees, requires a movement. Not just another book, and definitely not another gimmick like “The Secrets of the Wealthy.” No, this is going to require much more than a superficial, feel-good message. 

It’s going to take rebellion.

This book is the first weapon in the arsenal of tools I intend to create. The Rich Habits board game will provide an instant cure to the Poor Habits Plague. And more books and online courses will come. I want to unleash these upon the world, change the tide and make a difference.

Any great battle, for a chance of success, needs two things: 1) a clear strategy and 2) troops.


My strategy is very simple: Let’s make everyone aware of the Rich Habits, for that alone starts their journey up the Rich Continuum. This is easily achieved by this book alone, and with the Rich Habits board game, we’ll be well on our way.


Although this is a rebellion, unlike other uprisings, where troops are asked to kill or maim, our rebellion requires no violence—it’s a Rich Rebellion and has the pure intention of helping everyone rise up the Rich Continuum, free from financial stress and worry.

Now, if you participate in a rebellion, that makes you a rebel, does it not? In this case, a Rich Rebel.

I like the sound of that!

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